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As a crypto loser, ask yourself: Who am I?

If you’re still hanging around the crypto space after a cycle, it’s time to ask yourself some questions.

In the satirical movie Zoolander, Ben Stiller’s character Derek Zoolander loses his longstanding throne as the top male fashion icon. He shamefully marches out of the award ceremony as his identity crisis begins. Looking into a street puddle, he’s left to no one but himself. Derek Zoolander asks his puddle-self “Who am I?”. His puddle replies, “I don’t know.”. The puzzling question hits him as a blast of cold muddy water as a taxi drives by. Scootering behind, the winner, Hansel reminds him —

“Results are in amigo, what’s left to ponder?”

With the latest overall massive tumble in crypto market cap. It’s likely time you do the same.

To crypto who are you? A trader? An investor? A contributor of sorts? Unless you’ve been invested in the space for over a year. It could be that you are just like Derek Zoolander, A model idiot?.

As the market tumbles and retraces back to local lows, make at least something positive come from this. (Unless you happened to open a short.)

Do what Derek Zoolander did (not referring to the gasoline fight) — he headed back to his hometown, gets in touch with his roots, and does hard labor mining.

This is not a recommendation to go build a mining rig.

A few things about crypto market cycles:

Cycles are healthy.

Cycles cripple and purge projects not founded on value.

Cycles expose where the real value is.

When you can no longer spend all your time making easy money in Crypto, what do you do?


If you really believe in crypto. You will — and you’ll grow more from this phase over when you checked the crypto price every 2 seconds. You’ll look long-term by being heads-down in something greater than watching green candles or shitposting in the locker-room of crypto twitter, and instead contribute to the ecosystem.

Join a sustainable project with a mission that aims for the greater good of humanity. Just like Derek did.

We bridge crypto with store credit.